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Novelties from Sharp in the world gadzhetov

In family Aquos Photo Player updating, namely two absolutely new models HN-PP100 and HN-PP150. Developers of company Sharp have made these gadzhety extraordinary original, convenient and functional.

Women spend for electronics more than on footwear
Still recently typical electronic device which orientirovanno on a female audience, was "shtukovinoj" concluded in the brilliant case of pink color. And already today women prefer gadzhety less bright coloring and can estimate on advantage work of leading industrial designers.
Full immersing in a virtual reality
Everyone who likes to spend a lot of time in the virtual game worlds, would like to have an opportunity to the full to feel in it the presence. With some tightness, certainly, it is possible to approve, that it under force to some modern devices, however is high-grade to realize given desires the invention of Japanese engineer Takehito Etani (Takehito Etani) will allow The Third Eye.
Solar akkamuljatory.
Many of us have wireless mice and others gadzhety for which it is necessary zarjadka. For them we, basically, use accumulators. But if it is necessary to charge them every day it is possible to do it, and not putting harm of ecology of the Earth.
Gadzhet Solar Keyhole Light
Coming back home during dark time of day, sometimes simply to find the necessary key or to get kljuchem in key at a dark entrance. Gadzhet under name Solar Keyhole Light can facilitate this small problem.
Next kontsept iPhone
The designer from Frankfurt am Main has presented next kontsept iPhone which comprises four devices in one, that reminds the original gadzheta from Apple.
System SVATS will protect your car
The American scientists have developed innovative anticreeping system which assumes association of the majority of the machines which are being on parking, in certain "herd" in which individuals look for all one after another and notify "shepherd" on approach of "predators".
Function sub-display in new digital photoframework UFOTO UF735
Company ASUS has presented new digital photoframework UFOTO UF735 which, under the application of the manufacturer, is much functional device.
The novelty has a 7-inch screen, intuitively clear interface, the embodied important points of a life are shown under musical accompaniment and, under the statement of the manufacturer, can carry out function of the second mini-monitor on a desktop.
Novelty from Acer
Now only lazy has not bought budgetary mini-ноутбук EEE PC from Asus for $300. Nobody could present, that this model becomes some kind of a trend, the tendency to development of the market cheap and accessible noutbukov - subnoutbukov. So, for example, on the Internet the first information and official photos Acer Aspire One one of these days have been widespread.
Kontsept for uslazhdenija your hearing
Applicability of this device with original design in filling office with sounds of the nature, to create relaksirujushchuju an atmosphere for being in a room, to calm nerves.
Innovative board DU
It is difficult to answer, by what motives founders of it gadzheta were guided. Probably, really, desire to keep ecology of our planet. Company SMK — the leading manufacturer of boards DU — has presented the prototype of the device which works without batareek.
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The world computer gadzhetov

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